Time to think

I’ve noticed that when life is in full swing, it is difficult to find time to concentrate on things like yourself. For those of you who have been following my BLOG, you know that I have been contracting for these last few months and although that has been very educational, it’s not in the long term plan. The problem that I am having is that it is difficult to formulate a long term plan with the demands of everyday life.

This is not something that is isolated to my situation and I suspect that all of you have noticed something very similar. When life gets crazy, things fall off the list. It maybe that the grass doesn’t get mowed, or groceries become more tactical that strategic. The house may not get cleaned as often and you may run out of laundry.

Changes in our daily routine tend to throw us off balance and the end of summer is one of those times when things change. For many of us we go from a full house to an empty house which means meals are now for two instead of five or more. It is natural to not like change and the fact that change happens whether we like it or not leaves us feeling out of control.

I’m going to try to stay focused during this time of change and focus on my plan for personal improvement.

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