The Army run 2013

Well I survived another 21Km run with only a few blisters. My time was a bit slower, but given the lack of training this year, I was happy just to survive. I ran with my sister and her daughter and the run was much more fun.

IMG_2408It will be a few weeks before all the blisters heal, but it was for a good cause and we all had fun. All 20,000+ of us!

The race was organized with military precision from the sitreps leading up to the race, the pickup of race kits, the timing system and race results, refreshments along the course and the awards and cool down jackets.

There were displays of military hardware, live bands and cheering sections along the course. Lots of younger kids looking for high fives along the course, so I went out of my way to get photo2as many as possible. The smiles are always worth it.

The weather could have co-operated a bit more. The temperature at the start of the race was 10 degrees, but it was overcast and we did get rained on a bit. Most of us were already too damp to notice.

Time to change gears now and start training for hockey. The 150th Carp fair is next weekend and Octoberfest the week after that.

The summer came and went.


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