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Sorry about yesterday life caught up with me again. On a different note, I was talking to my brother in Vancouver on the weekend and we got onto the topic of hiring practices. It seems that there are certain businesses in the Vancouver area that only hire immigrants from their country of origin. We can only speculate at the reasons, but the question is “Is this a fair hiring practice?”.

Both my brother and I have worked for companies that hire relatives. Neither of us finds that to be unfair. In these cases, the companies in question wanted to help the families of their employees by offering their children summer jobs. In every case the applicants were interviewed and screened to make sure they could do the jobs, but they definitely got preferential treatment.

In the case of these Vancouver companies, the owners also want to help the families of their employees and in many cases the jobs are required to become immigrants. The people in question are in need and stand to receive a massive increase in their standard of living by moving to Canada.The employers in question know the people of their culture which makes for a clear understanding of employees abilities and the best possible communication between employers and employees.

The locals in Vancouver who live in the area used to rely on these businesses to provide casual work and summer jobs for their children and this is no longer happening. Many of the locals are angry, claiming that the businesses are practicing unfair and discriminatory hiring practices.

There is no doubt that Vancouver is an expensive place to live, my brother says that BC stands for “Bring Cash”. In order for the locals to continue to live there, casual work, rental suites, long commutes and long hours are a fact of life. I can understand how some of the locals would cry foul when the jobs dry up.

I’ve presented the facts so the question is “Are these businesses following the rules or have they crossed the line?”


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