Hallway protocol??

One of my co-workers pointed out the other day that someone needs to define a hallway protocol.

He normally wears glasses and when he gets up for a coffee and leaves his glasses on his desk, he very often passes people in the hall that he can’t really see. Sometimes they say something and he is not sure how to respond. He doesn’t want people to get the wrong impression, but he is not sure how to behave. What’s even worse is when someone you can’t see passes you and says something you can’t hear.

When you are part of a company that is so big there is a good possibility that there areĀ  people who know you that you may not know well, or can’t remember their name, there is yet another wrinkle. With the passage of time, it becomes even more embarrassing because you will have worked with the these people for moths or years and you still don’t know there names.

So what is a short sighted person to do to avoid these awkward moments? Suggestions?


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