Grasping for reality

I don’t know if it’s just the stage of life that I’m in or if the economy is triggering this phenomena, but some of the people around me are loosing touch with reality. It seems that the people in question need very little to get started and then their reality and mine become orthogonal.

The latest proposed law in Quebec that sets out guidelines for religious symbols is a good example. I was talking to a retired lady and she brought up this law. I had not heard of the law at the time so I encouraged her to tell me more. I really have to learn not to do that. She blamed Muslims, Hindus, the french community and pretty much everyone except Elvis for her personal rights and freedoms being compromised.

It seems obvious to me, now that I have read the coverage on the issue, that the separatist government in Quebec is trying to manipulate the public by proposing a bill that the federal government will have to reject. Once it is rejected they will cry foul and use that as the foundation for their next never-endum. The whole thing seems rather transparent.

Then there’s another individual that I have to deal with on a more regular basis that is unemployed and blames all immigrants for his plight. Over the past couple of months this person has forecast the end of the world several times due to shifting of the magnetic poles, visitors from space, Americans blowing up Russia and global warming causing massive flooding.

Back in the 80’s a band called April Wine had a song called “The whole worlds going crazy” and that same theme has appeared countless times in other songs. Is it like this for every generation? Perhaps things have always been crazy, but our more connected world documents craziness better.

I was reminded by my wife this morning that less is more. Commenting on craziness just adds fuel to the fire.

Oops, I guess I just fueled the fire…       😉

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