Got my 5S

I got the call from Rogers yesterday afternoon to tell me that my new phone had arrived. It’s been three years since my last upgrade and my iPhone 4 was starting to have problems. That kind of sounded like what addicts say in meetings…Hummmm

The headphone jack on my old phone tended to stick so that when you pulled out the headphones and the switch inside told the phone they were still plugged in. The end result is that people would call me and my microphone would be disabled.

The new phone is much faster and I finally have fast enough hardware to support Siri. I’m looking forward to experimenting with writing my own software that leverages Siri, but I suspect it will still be a while before people are comfortable talking to their phone in public.

I downloaded the latest x-code the same day I upgraded my iPhone4 to IOS7, but my current project has me back working on android. I did notice that there are alot of new user interface widgets, so I do need to find time to check them out. The iPhone5S has an improved camera and a finger print scanner built into the home button. The device allows you to scan multiple finger prints, so it is possible to have both myself and my wife registered. I often hand her my phone when I’m driving.

The 5S still has the option for a passcode and I find myself using that more than the scanner. The purpose of the finger print scanner was more for app store verification on purchases than unlocking the device. The scan takes a bit longer than I am willing to wait for.

More to come as I get to know more about the phone…

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