Could I borrow a cup of Internet?

So you move into a new neighborhood and it is taking the local service provider longer than usual to get your new service turned up. You could get a wireless service but the reception on your cell phone at home is poor to start with so that’s not an option. DSL and cable providers are dragging their heals, so is it appropriate to approach your neighbors to ask to borrow a week of Internet?

In days gone buy it would have been a cup of sugar or something like that, but “The times they are a change-in”. The person in question pointed out that early September is perhaps one of the worst times to get a new service turned up because the service providers are busy turning up new installations for the hoards of students returning to University.

The question today is “What is the most appropriate way to approach the problem?”

  • You could ask to borrow a week of Internet.
  • You could offer to pay for a week of Internet.
  • You could hook up to a local unprotected hot spot.
  • You could crack a local hotspot and borrow Internet.
  • You could tether to your smart phone (If you have decent service and a good data plan)

In bygone days, Ethernet cables have been run between adjacent apartment buildings, but we were not particularly concerned with curb appeal at the time…

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