150th Carp Fair

Who would have thought that a local fair could possibly be 150 years old. 150 years ago was 1863. There were only 5 provinces at the time, the province of Canada (East and West), the province Newfoundland, The province of New Brunswick, the province of Nova Scotia and the province of Prince Edward Island. This meant there were 5 premiers and yet there was a Carp fair.

The official link to the web site is http://www.carpfair.ca where you will find a complete list of events.

This year’s fair is going to be a bit bigger than past years because of its birthday, but the venue will be pretty much the same. There will be livestock competitions, a midway, various displays and booths associated with local businesses and a variety of food vendors. Live entertainment is usually associated with food and drinks in the arena area but this year could be different.

The Carp fair will be followed by an Octoberfest celebration the next weekend. If you like brats and beer that would be the place to be.

The important thing for me is the fair marks the last weekend before the ice goes into the arena and the hockey season gets underway.

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