Lazy, Crazy, Days of Summer

Hey Readers,

Sorry for the late post today, I didn’t have time on the weekend to get my posts written so I’m having to do them a day at a time this week. Last weekend was the last big push to get an app that I’m working on into the app store for approval and then on the way home from work on Saturday, I got a call from my real estate broker saying that I had an offer on my Mom’s house.

The house sold on Sunday, but that meant one more trip to collect the remaining items of value and load up my garage. Now it’s off to meet our world traveler of a son to help him find a place to live while he does his masters. I expect to be on planes all day today, so I’ll have plenty of time to write my posts for the remainder of the week.

So for me anyway, it’s the Crazy days of summer [grin].

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