Blackberry not quite dead yet!!!

In the Monty Python movie the Holy Grail, the movie starts out with a scene from the black death where people are bringing out their dead to be picked up by the wagons. One of the people in the pile however is not quite dead yet and even though he insists that he is not quite dead, the civil servants decide to do everyone a favor and hit the guy over the head with a club.

That seems to be what is happening with Blackberry. The media has decided that it is good for circulation if they continue to report about the demise of the Canadian company. It doesn’t matter that the company continues to have good ideas and innovative solutions, the only way to make news is for them to fail.

If you have a chance to read James Bagnel’s book (100 days) about Nortel, you will discover how effective the media can be when it comes to making or breaking a company. Let’s hope that we have all learned from that mistake. Look at what Blackberry is doing to stave off their premature death and hold off with the club.

Blackberry has announced that they will be releasing BBM for both Android and IOS and after playing with BBM on a Z10, I am really impressed with the functionality. If you think back to a couple of weeks ago, I had a post where I talked about the levels of communication that we all enjoy today. I noted that we start with text and escalate through email, and audio calls to video calls. Well, BBM does all of those things today.

It is easy for beginners to use the BBM app right out of the gate, but it also contains all of the more advanced features for power users. This is something that we have seen from programs like Microsoft word for years and is the mark of a well designed application.

BBM for IOS and Android will bring users back to the Blackberry fold where they will have access to voice, video, text and email all from one application. BBM doesn’t have the security problems that plague other apps and the Blackberry devices are business grade. If I had to buy a new device today, it would be either an iPhone or a Blackberry Z10 or Q10 (For those of you who like a keyboard).

Android devices have alot of features, but the hardware is just not as robust as the Blackberry and Apple devices.

I’m overdue for an upgrade, but I’m waiting for the iPhone5S. That said, I will be running BBM for IOS on that device if Apple delivers on the rumored functionality. If the iPhone5s if not worthy, it will be a Z10 for me.

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