A call for guest bloggers

I know that a number of you who read this BLOG every day have opinions that don’t always agree with mine. Some of you are experts with knowledge that many of us would benefit from. Others, have wild ideas about new technologies and products that could change the world.

Those of you who regularly read this BLOG know that posts vary widely from deeply technical subjects to everyday life issues. For that reason there will be no guidelines for submissions. I would really like to keep this blog going and I would like to have a bit more time to spend on my own submissions. If I can get some help with posts, it will spread the work load and improve the quality of each submission.

If you need ideas, I suggest that you review past posts and either improve on them or offer your own views. Technical posts are always good but to steal a line from Tom Petty…”The future is wide open”.

Please send your submissions to ajgillette98@gmail.com

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