It’s not personal…

A number of times in my career I have come across people who justify some unacceptable act by saying it’s not personal. The problem with this statement is that successful businesses are personal. To get the investment of time and energy that is required to get a new venture started, founders have to be invested and that means money, time and energy. All of these things taken together make the experience personal. There’s no way to avoid it.

People that make difficult or just plain wrong decisions cannot justify their acts with statements like this thinking that people will give them a break. These acts or wrong and need to be brought to their attention. It has been my experience that people who use this tactic tend to be in senior roles where the people being wronged don’t really have the option to complain or take alternative action. If they hold onto the fact that they were treated poorly, they are accused of holding a grudge.

So what is a person to do? I recommend that you chance being accused of holding a grudge and you keep track of the people who wrong you. I’m not suggesting that you go out of your way to wrong them back, I’m suggesting that you do your bit to warn others about them and that you stay away from organizations where they are working. Don’t do them any favors, just leave them alone to self destruct. If everyone in the world paid attention to people like this they would eventually find themselves out of a job and unable to get re-employed.

It all comes back to the tenants of Tae-kwon do that I talk so much about. Honesty, Integrity, perseverance, self control and indomitable spirit. In this case it’s mostly about being a champion for freedom and justice. Justice is not served by allowing these people to roll over you and deflect their own conscience. Funny thing about time is that it catches up with people. Tell people about your experiences and let them be the judge.

Do I hold grudges? I don’t think so, but I do remember people who misbehave…

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