Time to get this party started!!

Hey readers,

It’s time to get this party started. I want to work with like minded people to start new ventures. I will contribute my time, skills, and connections to help anyone who wants to party. I have a few of my own ideas, but I am open to suggestion. I have developed by Android and IOS apps and have lost of sample code. I have apps in the Google and Apple stores and understand both processes.

I suggest the following formula:

  • We get together to talk about the idea (There may be food or drink involved).
  • Anyone who wants to work with me should be prepared to contribute their own skills.
  • Once we agree we have an idea, then we will draft a project plan.
  • We will decide how many people we need for the task at hand and we will distribute the work.
  • We will start each project on our off hours and rely on the organic growth model to decide if and when we want to seek funding.
  • Once the venture is solidly in the black, we will talk about securing space to centralize our work force.

I’m not interested in ventures that require any form of a management team. I will introduce teams to my contacts to help with management decisions when needed. I’m mostly interested in software ventures that require minimal seed funding. I have all of my own resources and a place to work.

So that’s the plan people. You have an idea? lets talk and get this party started…


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