Eureka House

For those of you who do not know about the Science Fiction series “Eureka”, it was about a secret town in the United States, where the country promoted science and did leading edge research. The small town was populated by the most brilliant minds in the country and the sky was the limit when it came to research products. The series has run it’s course, but it is definitely worth watching if you have never seen it.

The TV series sparked an idea for a retirement facility where like minded people could contribute their experience and enjoy common hobbies. What if a developer were to design a retirement facility that catered to not only the most brilliant minds, but people with similar technical interests. Maybe it should be called “Geek House”. The facility would have labs instead of swimming pools and the group as a whole would benefit from the commercialization of the communities ideas.

The facility would be self sufficient with respect to power generation, have seriously wide network connections, the latest compute platforms, the best recreation and health facilities and world class education and entertainment. It wouldn’t be a place for everyone, but for those of us who love what we do and plan to contribute well into a retirement, it would be like geek heaven.

The challenge would be attracting like minded people with a passion for science. There would have to be a selection group to insure that the residents are appropriate and that could be tricky. There would have to  be guidelines and approvals for research projects, there would have to be people securing government grants and applying for research money and there would have to be people preventing politics from derailing the scientific efforts.

Who would like to build this with me? Who would like to retire there?

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