A new release of FSRemote

A new release of FSRemote was approved by apple this weekend and is on sale now in the app-store. The latest version of this freeswitch tool allows users to view a list of all registered devices on a local freeswitch phone system. The configuration page allows users to configure a target extension, target conference, the target system IP address and the appropriate CLI interface password. The default password for all freeswitch systems is ClueCon.

Once the user has completed the configuration page, the app connects to the freeswitch and displays a green link light to indicate success. If the light remains red, something in the configuration is not right. The application is built on the apple tab view which provides easy navigation by touching the appropriate tab at the bottom of the application.

The contacts tab displays the list of registered devices, the dial tab allows users to dial external phone numbers and the add tab provides a way to add non-registered devices to the contact list.

Touching an entry on the list causes the app to tell the pre-configured freeswitch conference to dial your extension and once answered, add the destination to the same conference. Touching additional list entries adds and subtracts them from the conference.

This is ideal for users who spend their day on the phone. Users can setup and tear down calls with a single touch.

Touching the blue arrow on the right had side of the entry, displays the locations contact information. The small line under each entry, indicates the type of device that is connected to the freeswitch system. Manually entered locations can have user programmed information in this field.

If the freeswitch system has been configured with access to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) via an Internet Telephony Service Provider (ITSP) then users can use the dial tab to make calls to cell and home phones.

The app is currently only available for the iPhone and iPad, but will available for Android devices in the next few months.

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