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Hey readers, I passed my second degree black belt physical and written tests (Tae-Kwon Do). It started with a one hour written test, then three sets of two minutes of skipping, then five sets of fifty pushups, five sets of fifty situps and last but not least, a 10Km run. Now I just have to pass the practical test next Saturday and I’m done.

Enough about me (Tech Ninja), what about you guys. I have been writing daily posts now for over four months and I would like to hear if you think it’s worth while. I tend to drift all over the map with respect to subject matter, so do you find the reading interesting? I’ve had one request for posts on netcat, iperf, iptraf and several other technical subjects. I definitely have experience with these things and could spend quite a while talking about wireshark if anyone is interested.

I’m also interested in how to reach a larger number of readers. This helps with my end goal for total global domination (Insert an evil laugh here).

I was wondering if it would be useful to provide you with a monthly update, for example, on the first post of the month. I could poll the companies here in silicon valley north for news at the end of each month and boil that down for you. I was also wondering if my summaries on companies during the month of February was useful. There are quite a number of other companies in the area that I have not yet written about.

While I wait for the torrents of replies [grin], I’ll come up with some topics for the rest of the week. Sorry for the brief post today, I spent the weekend working on my ninja skills.


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2 Responses to Reader feedback

  1. David Brown says:

    hey Fred,

    I’ve become an habitual reader. We share time in the same companies and live in the same community so I find there’s always something that you’re saying that is relevant to me. More than that I find the self-exploration that you’ve recently been doing is fascinating. Again, I have been in similar situations but never wrote it down – I find you are getting better and better at expressing things – makes it fun to read and remember what our real priorities should be.

  2. Mojtaba says:

    Definitely appreciate your informative and interesting posts covering a wide area of interests, hobbies and experiences. I did enjoy both the technology reviews and the company reviews. One thing that might be interesting to read would be some of the things you have learned after 33 years in the hi-tech industry and if you would have advice or suggestions for younger people.
    Another thing would be if you had funny/interesting/instructive anecdotes to tell from the present or past.
    Another thing I would want to read on your blog would be your predictions for the future in the technology area. Given your experience, you’re in a good position to have a higher perspective that others could benefit reading about.

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