A new way to sell

The way most companies get their message out has traditionally been through marketing programs and feet on the street. That seems to be changing for alot of companies as they employ web based tools like GoogleTrends, GoogleAutoComplete, YahooBuzzLog, YahooClues, BingTrends, AOLSearchTrends, TwitterSearch, YoutubeTrends and Google AdWords. These tools tell the seller what people are searching for on any given day of the week. The seller then modifies their message to align with the key word searches.

If a seller uses the key word searches to misdirect the buyer that will accomplish nothing positive. If the seller modifies their message slightly to get their product in front of the buyer before a competitor and their product meets the customer’s need, then a couple of unique things happen. First the customer believes that the most popular product is the one the search engine put at the top of the list. That in itself may be all the buyer needs to make a decision. If the buyer wants more information, they will click on a link which gives the seller an opportunity to use their own web resources to win the sale.

This new approach to sales has a number of advantages.

  • Sellers reach people who actually want to buy.
  • Sellers don’t waist time and money on the road.
  • Sellers get to do their pitch first.
  • The lower cost of sales levels the playing field for smaller sellers.
  • The seller’s market becomes global.
  • VoIP technology allows sellers to have local phone lines where their markets are concentrated.

I predict that we will see more tools in the near future that will help bring sellers and buyers together. Marketing will increase its investment in technology, become more effective and cost alot less.

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