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Tutela Technologies is a leading provider of analytic solutions that help cellular providers and Wi-Fi operators monitor and refine their cellular data offloading processes. I have extracted the sections below from the Tutela Technologies web page which was delightfully easy to read. I have included a link at the bottom of this post. Tutela has a three pronged approach to the market which is outlined in the following sections.

Improved Offload for Cellular Providers and Wi-Fi Network Operators

Tutela Technologies’ analytic solutions are designed to help cellular providers and Wi-Fi operators monitor and refine their cellular data offloading processes. By tracking and assessing decisions to move customers onto Wi-Fi networks, Tutela ensures that users are offloaded to the most appropriate access points. Tutela’s solution is designed to be scalable and interoperable with ANDSF, HotSpot 2.0, and pure connection manager data offload implementations.

Emerging industry solutions for data offload/onload incorporate seamless Wi-Fi routing, some quality of service issues, and connection policies. However, industry solutions do not directly seek to ensure that good user experiences will indeed result. Tutela ensures that the offload/onload proves focuses on only the most appropriate location conditions, applications, access points, and users.

Wireless Infrastructure Assessment

Tutela’s Analytic Engine provides network operators with an all-in-one suite for assessing the state of their networks. In this, a unique emphasis is placed on assessing the capacity of networks to support effective cellular data onload/offload. The engine’s resulting analytics are driven by mobile device requirements, system experience, and deployment specific network data sets.

Network-Viewed Data Sets

It is common practice for network operators to collect quality measures from their access points. These measures provide a valuable indication of back link network speeds and errors. However, these measures have not traditionally produced a detailed analysis of the network’s capacity to support seamless network data offload/onload. This is largely due to the complexity of evolving mobile devices and their network requirements for an offloading event to be perceived as seamless.

Tutela’s Analytic Engine provides network operators with detailed reports indicating region specific capacities to support data onload/offload. These may be used to perform effective network upgrades, classify conditions most suited for offload/onload events, or convey your value as an offload partner.

A solution for Mobile Application Developers

Tutela’s mobile application add-on helps developers by tracking when and how network conditions affect the in-app experience. This allows developers to proactively respond to network errors and tailor their applications for expected network speeds. Flexibility is given over data collection practices while available interfaces allow apps to take advantage of this information in real-time.


Currently Supported: Next Release:

The next release of Tutela’s application add-on will integrate with connection managers. The improved add-on will work in the background to seamlessly connect users to the best available networks.

For more information on Tutela and their products, please visit: http://www.tutelatechnologies.com

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