Toushay is a provider of innovative solutions for enhancing customer experience and service through the use of fixed and roaming mobile applications.

Toushay is a cloud-based solution to help you create, manage, and update applications running on iOS and Android devices.

The Toushay platform enables enterprises to support multiple different engagement channels from a single set of content and functionality. With our connectors, you can integrate with various back-end content management systems and enterprise applications.

By creating variants of an application, enterprises can engage their customers through digital signage, interactive tablets, and personal smartphones. Combined with detailed analytics about usage, enterprises can assess the impact of different ideas, and modify and test these in near real time.


Toushay has targeted Shopping centers, Sports & Entertainment and Retail outlets as its initial target markets.

Toushay’s Virtual Concierge Solution for Sports and Entertainment helps:


•   Generate incremental revenue from the sale of merchandise, tickets and services in Premium Suites, Restaurants, Bars and Lounges.

•   Improve and differentiate guest/fan experience by delivering real-time and relevant content.




Toushay’s Virtual Concierge Solution for Shopping Centers helps:


•   Provide an interactive guest services facility to shoppers throughout the venue.

•   Improve customer experience by delivering real-time and relevant content, such as gift ideas, promotions, and in-store inventory.

•   Promote events, openings, mall hours, and items of interest.

•   Automate the collection and analysis of customer data.

•   Grow mall revenues by freeing up valuable mall space for lease, and customer service staff for more valuable activities.

Toushay’s Virtual Concierge Solution for Retail Outlets helps:


•   Provide an interactive application for shoppers, containing inventory and in-store location of items.

•   Promote and modify in-store events, special offers and promotions, as frequently as desired.



These vertical markets require solutions that include creative custom designs so Toushay also provides these services.

For more information on Toushay and its products, visit:



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