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ThinkRF is a provider of field-deployable Wireless Signal Analyzers and RF receiver modules. These products are based on a software-defined radio technology. That includes a developer interface allowing thrid party developers to integrate the thinkRF hardware. The company has both stand alone external boxes and cards that can be installed in standard PC’s. I have extracted some data from their web site to give you an overview of their product offering which includes software as well as hardware. For a complete in-depth description of their technology, visit:

WSA4000 RF Receiver/Digitizer/Analyzer

The ThinkRF WSA4000 is the basis of the ThinkRF wireless signals intelligence platform. A high-performance software-defined RF receiver, digitizer and analyzer, it is designed for stand-alone, remote and/or distributed wireless signals monitoring and intelligence applications. ThinkRF’s patent-pending software-defined RF receiver technology provides unrivalled 100 MHz instaneous bandwidth, sophisticated user-defined 200 GHz/sec sweeping, across a tuning range of 100 kHz to 20 GHz. Additionally, the WSA4000 provides real-time triggering and loss-less capture of signals of interest using an integrated digital signal processing engine.


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LTE Analysis Toolkit for the WSA4000

ThinkRF LTE                                        analysisThe ThinkRF TK-LTE toolkit is a comprehensive and flexible LTE signal measurement and analysis toolkit designed for telecommunications deployment, R&D and Test & Measurement applications. It enables recording, analysis and visualization of both uplink and downlink LTE signals using data captured with WSA4000 RF digitizer. Measurement capabilities include: physical layer cell identity and group, ssch and psch detection, power and quality, cyclic prefix length, reference signal received power (rsrp) and quality (rsrq), wideband spectral display with marker functions, power vs. time, channel impulse response and power delay profile, delay spread, number of multipath components, carrier frequency offset, and more..

The growth in wireless system deployments and their increasing complexity is driving the need for a flexible platform to make reliable measurements either at the development stage or out in the field. ThinkRF’s products are designed with flexibility in mind to address a number of demanding applications such as real-time spectrum monitoring, wideband signal analysis, wireless test & measurement, SIGINT and cellular systems development.

ThinkRF works closely with Federal Governments, R&D organizations and Defense Contractors to address their wireless signals intelligence requirements.

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