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Magor is a software company with offices in New York, Toronto, London and Ottawa. The headquarters is located in Ottawa and that is where the development team is located. Magor was established in 2008 as a Wesley Clover start-up initially focused on both digital signage and video conferencing. It became clear within the first two years that a next generation video communication and collaboration company was going to be the focus.

Magor competes on two levels. The Magor software runs on standard “off-the-shelf” PC hardware, reducing the Capital Expenditure (CapEx). The Magor transport is CODEC agnostic allowing the company to quickly switch from H.264 to H.265 as soon as it is available. The transport however extensively makes use of multi-core technology found in the latested Intel processors and GPU’s. This technology allows Magor to deliver a patented transport that reduces the amount of bandwidth required to move High resolution video across best effort networks. To transmit a 1080P image would usually require 4 – 5 Mbps, where Magor can move the same image in 1.5 – 2 Mbps. This reduces Operational Expenses (OpEx).

So the Magor story helps reduce both CapEx and OpEx costs, but the story doesn’t stop there. Magor has had an integrated collaboration story from day one. It doesn’t matter if your compute platform is a Mac, Windows PC or even Linux, it can be shared and controlled from both ends of a Magor conference. The Magor products are built on an open source VoIP phone system with a full audio conference bridge that can be connected to your existing phone system. Magor end points have integrated web servers that provide browser access to shared materials.

Magor also provides a firewall traversal solution for both H.323 and SIP in the form of a software Session Boarder Controller(SBC). TheĀ  SBC software and its integrated firewall has been tested at SipIt conferences spanning the last 10 years. The SBC can be configured in a number of ways allowing it to be placed in DMZ’s or split between an inside and outside box.

Magor’s platform is customizable and integratable (OK so I made that word up…). Magor provides both a REST and Text API that has been used to develop Android and Apple applications for remote control. The API has also been used by system integrators to create both Crestron and AMX controllers.

Magor has always been concerned with inter-op and ROI for customers with legacy video conferencing systems. Magor attends both H.323 and SIP inter-op events to constantly re-certify itself against its competition and has the best inter-op story bar none. Magor recently integrated Skype functionality making it unique in the conferencing industry.

Many of the Magor product features can be extended to legacy products. Video relay for example means that users of Legacy equipment can participate in multi-party conferences without a costly MCU. Legacy users can switch between video and collaboration feeds from a web page hosted on the Magor end point.

The software nature of Magor’s products in conjunction with a software maintenance program means that customers have an ongoing ROI. Couple that with increasing the functionality of any legacy products, savings for both CapEx and OpEx and you have a winning combination.

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