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Glitchsoft is an independent gaming studio focused on the mobile market. It was founded as a Wesley Clover Company in 2009 and currently employs 9 people. The company builds its products on its own modular 2D Helios game engine. Glitchsoft currently has six titles in distribution and targets both IOS and Android mobile platforms. Distribution is generally via the Andriod Market and the Apple AppStore, but the team expects to work with larger content owners in the near future that will have their own distribution networks.

Glitchsoft recently worked with Mattel to create a game based on the 70’s/80’s TV cartoon He-man. He-Man is a fictional character and the hero of the “Masters of the universe” franchise. Working with content owners allows Glitchsoft to expand its reputation in the industry and fund internal growth. The Helios engine allows Glitchsoft to customize look and feel unlike open source competitors like the Unity Engine. If the look and feel is unique enough, it can be licensed back to the content provider allowing them differentiate their experience.

For those not familiar with the gaming market, the trends for console type games have be toward more complex titles with big budgets (Hundreds of millions of dollars). 3D mobile games can have budgets starting at 750K with some titles costing in the millions. 2D games on the other hand can start as low as 50K with the majority of the available titles costing in the 100K range. By focusing mainly on quality 2D gaming, Glitchsoft has kept costs and complexity lower, promoting organic growth and allowing the company to improve its gaming engine.

The gaming sector continues to enjoy and almost recession proof market and employs people with a wide range of talent. Artists are required to design characters and the worlds they live in, Level designers or writers are required to write the story, Math and Physics graduates are required to work on game physics and Software designers and Engineers are required to write the programs. Gaming companies sometimes make use of motion capture studios in order to animate characters which employs actors to read scripts and act out parts.

Provincial and Federal government has been promoting growth in the gaming sector by helping out with grants and other forms of funding. That said, venture capital is in short supply and investors are always greeted with open arms. To invest with Glitchsoft you can contact Andrew Fisher at Wesley Clover 613-2716305. If you have content and want to leverage it via the gaming industry, contact Rob Price by sending email to

GlitchSoft’s team has worked on titles for top tier clients including EA, Mattel, Konami, Paramount Pictures, The New York Times, Activision, PopCap and Disney. The company is hoping to build on its successes and will be actively searching for and hiring Artists, Programmers, Level Designers and Producers in 2013.

Current Glitchsoft Titles:

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