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Benbria is a Wesley Clover company founded in 2008. Passionate about building mobile technology that connects businesses with the people they serve, Benbria works with a strong ecosystem of partners such as Verizon to deliver mobile customer engagement solutions for  a targeted set of vertical markets, including retail, hospitality, financial, utilities and fast casual restaurant customers. Most recently, Benbria co-exhibited with Verizon and showcased its latest BlazeLoop Mobile Customer Engagement Solution for retailers at the National Retail Federation’s annual ‘Big Show’ which ran January 13-16.

Using a variety of mobile and in-store technologies – including web, SMS, email, mobile app and kiosk – BlazeLoop enables customers to create a “loop”, the process of capturing and directing real-time customer input to front-line staff for action and closure.  Instant text and email notifications alert business managers of customer needs, enabling staff to connect with the customer in person and close the loop before they have a chance to leave dissatisfied.  Closing the loop through real-time staff action helps companies to delight customers with a unique mobile engagement experience. This helps to promote staff awareness and focus, recover dissatisfied customers, increase in-store sales conversion rates, foster positive online reviews, and mitigate negative online reviews.

Benbria’s success is being driven by key trends in the market.

Social-Mobile — today’s customer is better connected socially than ever before through Facebook, Twitter, SMS, etc., and they expect the same level of connectedness from the Brands that they trust.

Expectation of Engagement — with the growth of social media, customers demand immediacy in engagement and response; they live in the instant Information Age – where people – especially younger “Gen-Connected” generation live in real-time. Customers feel they have a voice and ownership in their brands whereby 1 in 2 customers that engage via social-mobile expect a response. (Maritz Research 2011). Companies that satisfy this high level of immediacy will benefit from customer loyalty. According to eMarketer research, 64% of today’s customers are more likely to purchase and repurchase from Brands that engage and respond to their customer’s input, needs, requests and concerns.

Rise of the Silent Majority: Only 1 in 26 customers will confront staff directly with concerns (Gartner, 2011), but electronic anonymity has been shown to remove this barrier.

Where social-mobile is an outlet, BlazeLoop provides an engagement path that makes the customer issue known and actionable to the right people in the business. Real-time notifications alert front-line managers of customer issues, enabling them to contact the customer straight away and privately resolve issues before customers have a chance to leave the business premise dissatisfied or socialize their experiences publicly via word-of-mouth and social media.

“Unlike post-visit surveys, BlazeLoop gives us instant visibility into our guests’ satisfaction or dissatisfaction, allowing us to address their requests and concerns while they are on our property,” said Patrice Basille, Executive Vice President at the Brookstreet Hotel, one of Ottawa’s finest hotels. “Our customers are more mobile than ever before and Benbria’s on-the-spot guest feedback helps us improve our operations by fixing issues when they happen, enhancing the guests’ experiences during their stay, and provides us real-time insight to give the next guests the experiences they expect and we strive to deliver.”

With an increasing number of consumers sharing their experiences on social media and other mobile channels, this input is not visible to the front-line managers who could use it to fix issues as they happen and better engage with their customers on-the-spot. By immediately acting on issues, businesses can win over at-risk customers, increase loyalty and advocacy, and increase same-store sales.

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